Canon Will Release an RF-Mount Speed Booster in 2020: Report

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When Canon officially entered the full-frame mirrorless space with the EOS R, they were praised for releasing not one, not two, but three different RF-mount lens adapters. But it seems that was just the beginning…

According to a report on Canon Rumors, the Japanese camera giant has three more RF-mount adapters in the works: two lens adapters for cinema glass, and its very own speed booster (AKA a focal reducer) that would compete with options from companies like Metabones.

The first three adapters Canon released were all RF-mount to EF-mount: one bog-standard version, one with a built-in customizable control ring, and a third (the most popular) with a drop-in variable ND filter. Moving forward, Canon’s plan is to expand the lineup by opening up more options for video shooters—makes sense, given the groundbreaking video capabilities of the new EOS R5 and EOS R6.

Canon’s EF to RF mount adapter with a drop in ND filter has been a huge hit with video shooters.

The three adapters mentioned in the CR report are:

  • A PL to RF adapter with Cooke/i technology built in
  • An EF-Cinema Lock to RF adapter
  • An unspecified speed booster

The speed booster would be particularly helpful for EOS R owners who want to shoot high-res video—since that camera is subject to a 1.7x crop when shooting 4K—while the other two will make the EOS R lineup that much more appealing as a B-cam for professional filmmakers who use EF Cine or PL mount glass.

All three adapters are expected to arrive in late August or early September, possibly alongside some new RF lenses.

Of course, Metabones already released an EF lens to RF mount camera 0.71x Speed Booster that you can buy right now, but it’s unclear what lenses Canon’s version will take. Plus, it’s likely a big chunk of Canon users would rather buy their adapters from the OEM.

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