This Full Astrophotography Workshop is Now Available for Free on YouTube


Ian Norman and Diana Southern over at Lonely Speck just uploaded their full 2016 astrophotography workshop to YouTube for free. This incredible resource covers everything from getting the shot, to basic editing, image stacking, and panorama stitching. They even included the Q&A from the end of the meetup!

Norman and Southern are two of the most recognizable names in the world of astrophotography. Through their blog and website, they offer in-depth tutorials and some really useful content; however, the most comprehensive educational content is usually reserved for their workshops.

In 2016, they recorded a one hour and forty minute “post-processing” workshop that actually covers everything from the basics of astrophotography, to maximizing your results in-camera without buying new gear, to post-processing your RAW files so they look like the ones you’ll find all over the Lonely Speck website, as well as Ian and Diana‘s Instagram:

There’s way too much covered in the workshop to summarize it here, but if you’re looking for a comprehensive, FREE beginner’s guide to astrophotography this is definitely worth bookmarking. And, of course, check out the Lonely Speck website or read some of Ian’s guest posts on PetaPixel for some more bite-sized tutorials about all things astrophotography.

(via Fstoppers)

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