Olympus Tutorial Shows You How to Deep Clean and Disinfect a Camera

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Olympus Europe recently teamed up with “extreme photographer” Fernando Marmolejo to create an in-depth tutorial that shows you how to properly deep-clean and disinfect both a weather sealed and a non-weather sealed camera body—in this case, three Olympus OM-D cameras.

Fair warning: the video is in Spanish, so you’ll want to turn on closed captioning to get subtitles unless… well… you speak Spanish.

If you don’t mind that small hurdle, this is about as comprehensive a “camera cleaning tutorial” as we’ve ever seen. It goes way beyond just wiping off your camera with a microfiber cloth or the appropriate disinfecting wipe—Marmolejo shows you how to use soap, water, and hydroalcoholic gel to clean and disinfect your camera safely.

He uses the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III to show you how to clean and disinfect a non-weather sealed camera, before switching over to the more robust E-M5 and E-M1 models and giving them a full-on soap bath:

Admittedly, the video does double duty as marketing for Olympus’ weather sealing—there’s no denying that—but Marmolejo is very thorough in his instructions even when dealing with the non-weather sealed E-M10. Plus there’s the comic relief when he gets into the shower fully clothed to rinse the soap off of the E-M5 and E-M1 cameras… a nice touch if you need a chuckle on a Monday morning.

To see the whole process for yourself, watch the full cleaning video up top. For most of us, a good blast with some canned air and a quick wipe-down with the appropriate alcohol wipes is probably good enough; but if you work in extreme environments like Marmolejo does, it’s worth keeping this tutorial in your back pocket for the occasional deep-clean.

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