Maybe Canon is killing off EOS M – APS-C RF camera rumoured for 2021

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This whole Canon APS-C mirrorless thing just gets weirder and weirder. After a random post on a website saying that Canon was killing off the EOS M product line after the apparently impending announcement of the EOS M7, Canon Rumors is now reporting that the rumours of an APS-C RF mount camera from Canon have resurfaced.

They say that “a known source” has told them that an APS-C RF mount camera was initially scheduled to be announced in early 2021, but that the announcement has now been pushed back to the latter half of next year.

It’s strange to hear this so after rumours of not now but two upcoming EOS M system cameras. But what’s even stranger is that the APS-C RF mount camera Canon is expected to announce next year is relatively high end. The only high-end APS-C DSLR Canon produced was the 7D line – which from the sounds of things will be replaced by the EOS M7.

So, if true, and it’s a higher-end camera “built around speed” as CR says, then what else could it offer? Would it be more video focused? Because the only thing that makes less sense than Canon releasing the EOS M7 shortly before killing off the EOS M system is doing both of those things and then making the EOS M7 almost instantly obsolete by releasing an APS-C RF version of a 7D Mark II successor a few months later.

It just all seems very strange, especially after Canon has stated multiple times that they have no plans to kill off the EOS M system. Releasing an APS-C RF mount camera would more than likely do that anyway, whether Canon had planned to kill EOS M or not.

[via Canon Rumors]

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