3 SECRET Photoshop Shortcuts To Bring Up TRULY HIDDEN Menus + 1 Funny Easter Egg

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In this video, I’m going to show you 3 secret photoshop shortcuts to bring up truly hidden menus.

I know that the title sounds like click-bait but that sort of the reason why I did it.

I’ve seen a lot of videos recently with these kinds of titles and the examples that they show are never really about anything secret or hidden.

It’s usually a shortcut that brings up a dialog box that you could have brought up by using at least one or more menus.

You could have even accidentally open them up yourself.

So I gave myself the challenge to come up with truly hidden menus that you could only bring up with a secret keyboard shortcut.

In other words, you cannot simply stumble upon these menus, someone needs to show you the secret handshake before you can get in.

Two of these I learned from Photoshop engineers and one from my friend good friend Bert Monroy.

And now I’m showing them to you so that you could also have access to them!

00:00 – Introduction
01:10 – Bring Back Refine Edge
03:01 – Precise Flare Center
06:36 – Read Composite Data
10:06 – Easter Egg: The Banana Tool in Photoshop

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